Engineering case

Engineering case

Mi Mi · Stars Concert
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On November 26th, the “4G+·Connecting the World·Singing the Future-Guizhou Mobile 10G, Million Broadband Mixing Stars Concert” was held by China Mobile and Chongqing Perfect Performing Arts Company.

The address of the concert is the 60,000 new sports center in Guiyang, Guizhou Province. The high-end brand AOG of Quansheng Lighting is responsible for the lighting effects of this concert. This time, the lighting is used for AOG part A6 lamps: 68 sets, famous The design of the beauty artist Li Yu is designed by the famous lighting engineer Bai Jianhua to create a first-class lighting and beauty effect in Guiyang and even the whole country.
专业舞台灯具的卓越的色彩宏效果化为一条条光束射向舞台周边,时而红色烈焰,时而蓝色盎然。 When the sound is heard, when the melody is played, the audience's eyes are focused on the big stage. The excellent color macro effect of some A6 professional stage lamps is turned into a beam of light to the periphery of the stage, sometimes red flames, sometimes blue.

效果在演唱会上发挥得淋漓尽致, 火焰效果,彩虹效果,绚烂的图案效果等等,带给观众一场不一般的视觉感受。 The powerful beam effect of the stage professional lighting is fully played at the concert, the flame effect, the rainbow effect, the gorgeous pattern effect, etc., giving the audience an unusual visual experience.

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