First, the sales department:

1. 2 domestic trade clerk: college degree or above, more than two years of sales experience; strong communication skills and communication skills, responsible, able to withstand greater work pressure. It is required to stay in the province for half a year.

2. 2 foreign trade salesmen: 1 Spanish foreign trade official and 1 Russian foreign trade official. Full-time college degree or above, able to communicate fluently with clients in Spanish or Russian; and have more than 2 years of experience in foreign trade sales.

Second, the engineering department:
1. 3 product structure engineers: graduated from college or above, major in mechanical design, etc.; has more than three years experience in structural design of electronic and electrical products; proficient in and application of office software such as PRO/E, AutoCAD and Office; Industry experience is preferred. Salary treatment is negotiable.

2, Engineering Assistant 1: College degree or above, mechanical design and other related majors graduated; proficient in and application of PRO / E, AutoCAD and Office and other office software; experience in the stage lighting industry is preferred. Salary treatment is negotiable.

Third, the quality department:

1. One IPQC: familiar with the materials inspection of hardware (sheet metal, car parts), plastic parts and electronic components, familiar with the seven major techniques of quality, and the quality inspection and production process inspection of the stage lighting industry is preferred.
2. QA One: Familiar with the quality inspection of stage lighting products.

Fourth, the production department:

1. One electronic maintenance technician: a secondary school or above, major in mechanical electronics. Mainly responsible for the inspection and maintenance of the circuit board.
2, moving head lamp familiar assembly of 3: there are stage lighting production line experience. This position is recruited for many years.

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